Automatic backup / Online synchronization

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Automatic backup / Online synchronization

Post by solbergen »

First of all, thanks for a brilliant piece of software!

This thing easily rivals most available cots laptimers, however one of the features I feel is missing is a synchronization system / backup system that makes it so that switching phones doesn't wipe all data. After purchasing the app first time in 2014 I think I've been through at least ten different phones (yes, I am one of those) and not once have I managed to remember to create a backup that I managed to transfer to another phone. Having been to the same tracks throughout the years it would be fantastic to see actual progression, but as it stands I typically manage to have one or two trackdays "per phone".

I believe that the ideal solution would be for HLT to move towards a cloud based storage system (even with a small monthly/yearly fee for storage) with statistics and possibility to share / view laps from other users as well. Of course I understand that this would require significant work to implement.

A simpler solution would be to enable a automatic backup to e.g. Dropbox, Google drive, or another cloud storage system with updates happening e.g. Weekly. This way we could load a old backup when we switch phones. It would probably also allow us to use multiple devices, and get all laps in same database!

Hope that this is something that the community would want (and be willing to pay for)! If you agree - please give a comment below on what your wanted usecase is!
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Re: Automatic backup / Online synchronization

Post by Harry »

Yes, its on my list (but pretty complex).

- Harry
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