[iOS] Share Sheet/Files App Support

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[iOS] Share Sheet/Files App Support

Postby Mr_Dog » Mon Sep 17, 2018 4:52 pm


I've been sharing a lot of the data from the app lately and notice it only supports dropbox and e-mail.

It would be very convenient to support the files app, that way I can store it straight to either my iCloud Drive, My Server(Synology) or to Google Drive without you needing to support them individually.

I am not sure how viable it is but even if you can use a share sheet instead giving us an option?

I don't use dropbox and been having to e-mail them individually right now.


EDIT: Thinking a bit more about it, I think having just a share sheet would be more than enough. Perhaps create a zip of the files and allow the user to share it wherever they like?

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