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user option for which logged parameters to overlay

Posted: Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:38 pm
by warmmilk
Currently we have a few preset options for what we want to see in the video overlay. I'd like to be able to choose exactly what I want to see.

For example, I have no use for a horsepower gauge or any interest in my fuel level. I would like to see the actual number of my coolant temp however instead of a generic gauge with tick marks. I'm sure people who's car deliver oil temp via OBD would like to see that as well. I'd also like to see an brake application bar option. I'd like to see both GPS and OBD speed, etc

The point is everyone's wants and needs are different for what they want to monitor, so it'd be nice to have the option to pick and choose.

slightly off topic want:
I'd like to see numbers on the tach instead of just tick marks.