Multiple GoPro support via local WLAN

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Multiple GoPro support via local WLAN

Post by racepace »

Hi Harry,

The fact that GoPro cameras leverage ad hoc WiFi networking stinks. To work around this limitation, it would be awesome to be able to have the Lap Timer app be able to simultaneously start and stop multiple GoPro cameras over an IP connection through a Raspberry Pi 3 that is running locally in the car. I've used Raspberry Pi's as mobile WiFi hotspots and they work great in vehicles. They can also easily be set up to connect to multiple WiFi networks simultaneously.

I'd like the ability to be able to have the following setup, which I believe would only require more than the single IP address configuration for the GoPro camera that exists within the Advanced configuration pages. The GoPro client code within the App would need to be configured to trigger each camera's REST API via it's unique IP address specified within the configuration.

Here's how I'd see it working (it is very easy to get the Raspberry Pi 3 configured in this manner):

1) Each GoPro would be set up to have its ad hoc network configured with a unique 10.5.x.x network.

GoPro 1 ad hoc network: 10.5.5.x
GoPro 2 ad hoc network: 10.5.6.x
GoPro 3 ad hoc network: etc.

2) Raspberry Pi 3 is set up with 2 or 3 extra WLAN USB devices that are each connected to different/unique GoPro via ad hoc networking. ... pberry-pi/

3) The Raspberry Pi 3 would be set up to broadcast it's own WLAN via the built-in WiFi adapter and it's own DHCP-assigned 192.168.x.x private IP space. IP forwarding would be enabled within the kernel to allow traffic to be forwarded between interfaces. IPtables would be properly set up as well. ... h-hostapd/

4) The iPhone would be connected to the WiFi network the Raspberry Pi 3 is broadcasting, and would be able access each GoPro's by the unique IP address.

5) When recording starts or stops, the REST API endpoint at each IP is triggered.

Would something like that be possible from a configuration perspective?
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Re: Multiple GoPro support via local WLAN

Post by Harry »

Yes, possible. Take care for the results delivered when issuing the URL requests. It will be fine to return any of the results mostly, but once results differ, things will get unreliable. LapTimer asks for the cam's status regularly, this is the most complex one. Finally, GoPro has started to support a multi cam API using BT LE. LapTimer does not yet support it, but sometimes will. More details by email (if necessary).

- Harry
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