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Live Streaming functions

Postby » Wed Dec 07, 2016 9:58 pm

Hey Harry and everyone else :D ,

since Live Streaming seems to be one of the current big things I thought it would be great to have a Live Streaming function in HLT that allows us to stream to Facebook Live and YouTube.

DJI enables users to stream live from their drone using their App with FB Live integrated functionality.
Third party Apps like Wirecast Go allow you to stream high-quality content to Facebook if you retrieve an rtmp link from Facebook first.
With 5€ for an unlimited LTE day pass at Telekom, a broadband uplink can be established. So in my view the prerequisite are there!

A first integration step could feature the integrated iPhone camera only and having to setup the stream manually by pasting the rtmp link.

Second stage could feature a full FB Live API integration as well as GoPro support. The latter could enable users to redirect the Wifi stream from the GoPro re-encoded with HLT OSD of course. According to KonradIT a 480p stream with a decent bitrate can be achieved via WiFi. ( ... ing-tweaks)

Would be a nice feature to challenge this device that costs waaay much more:
I'm interested in hearing you opinion on this!

Best, Chris
Team principal Motorsport

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