Iphone 7+ cameras and overlay options

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Iphone 7+ cameras and overlay options

Post by Bryant »

Love Laptimer.
The updates make even better every time. Keep up the great work!!!!
With the new Iphone 7+ having 2 camera lenses, will their be a way to select which one is used? I know with the phone not being available yet its probably to early to know how its going to work.

I would like to have the ability to put the course g-load and speed graphs after the video plays when doing the overlays.
I use laptimer for autocross and to be able to do that would be nice.

lastly, can I delete the tracks to clear up some space in my phone memory?
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Re: Iphone 7+ cameras and overlay options

Post by Harry »

No idea yet. I did not have the time to check iOS10 for an API, nor do I have the 7 Plus available yet. Actually I'm curious if one of the cams produce less ruling shutter effects than the 6S cam... I will come to this in some weeks.

To reduce memory usage, goto Administration ‣ Databases first. Next, delete unused videos in Analysis ‣ Video List. They are marked with a red exclamation sign. Deleting lap data will not yield too much available storage. The full backups visible in Databases and the videos do.

- Harry
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