MultiCam Audio Selector for Overlay/Export

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MultiCam Audio Selector for Overlay/Export

Post by ereynold60 »

I'd like to request the ability to select an audio source for a multicam overlay during export. Perhaps a checkbox next to the video thumbnail that allows the user to select the audio channel from that video for the overlayed and exported video. Naturally, the default would have audio selected from the master video source.

Currently, the audio channel comes from the Master video, with the other video used only for PiP. With this option the user could have audio come from the PiP source.

Reason: Sometimes I have a GoPro mounted outside the vehicle as the master video, but that results in audio of mainly wind noise. My phone is mounted inside the car for an interior view and its audio has engine noise, or instructor commentary. I'd like to use this audio source, while having the external master view.

I know I can do this manually, by loading both videos onto a PC and editing the master to replace the audio source... but it is quite cumbersome.

I think Laptimer is using FFMPEG internally for overlaying (???)... is there an easy way to tell it what audio source to use during the overlay and export process?

Thanks for consideration.
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Re: MultiCam Audio Selector for Overlay/Export

Post by Harry »

I understand the feature request but it is not trivial to implement...

The capabilities are available for the iOS hardware based video decoding/encoding framework, the software based ffmpeg and Android's native hardware accelerated solution (Android 5.1 and later). The problem is, it requires a significant refactoring of code requiring several days of work and testing. So it competes with the hundreds of other feature request in the queue. ;-)

- Harry
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