Support of TI SensorTag

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Support of TI SensorTag

Post by Neoraptor »

I am racing motorcycles and would like to have access to the "real" angle of the bike (not the one calculated from the GPS).

I found the sensortag from TI ( very interesting for this and it is already integrated into the Camper version.
I would not mind putting this directly on the frame of my bike (which I don't want to do now with my phone in case of crash)
Would it be possible to add its support into LapTimer?

Thanks for all the work !
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Re: Support of TI SensorTag

Post by xxillseanxx »

I bought 2 of the TI SimpleLink Sensortags (CC2650) thinking i could mount them to my track bikes and use them with my Petrolhead Edition. Unfortunately that is not the case. After doing a bit of research, Harry's does not support the use of this amazing sensor in LapTimer. Which is mind boggling because it works for camper edition.
Harry PLEASE!!! add the use of the sensor so us bikers can get more accurate data while using your laptimer. And so that this almost $100 wasnt wasted on a small red box.
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Re: Support of TI SensorTag

Post by Harry »

You want to use these sensors to measure acceleration? Camper uses these sensors for leveling, not sure it is a simple "enable the feature in LapTimer".

- Harry
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