A couple of suggestions

Request and discussion on new / to change features
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A couple of suggestions

Post by ottacat »

Here are a couple of features I would find handy...

1. OBD data collection options - would be nice to collect only PIDs for overlay screen in a single option instead of creating a long exclusion list. Maybe a couple of levels with the second including PIDs used in analysis and a full setting as it currently works. I suggesting this to manage database size as well as potentially being able to increase the polling rate.

2. Hire a contract technical writer and prepare a comprehensive manual based on the current screen flows and explain all the analysis views and options.

3. Ability to save a user-defined track within the app instead of importing it from email.
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Re: A couple of suggestions

Post by Harry »


Thanks for the feedback.

On 1, we had several discussions already. Almost all PIDs requested by LapTimer at a high rate are actually mandatory for the overlay. All others are requested at a low rate and have a minimal impact on the overall rate. The only one you may exclude is OBD speed (and switch to GPS speed in overlays). All of this looks too much effort and added complexity from my point of view.

On 2, yes, if anyone experienced with LapTimer wants to do this, contact me at Harry@gps-laptimer.de. I have experimented with writers not used to LapTimer and it turns out to add too much load to myself again. For information on analysis views and options, please have a look into the Train the Trainer document available from www.gps-laptimer.de/documentation

On 3, the approach would be to have an option to in-activate track sets. I have that on my list but it is not yet scheduled.

- Harry
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