dated updates & How-to

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dated updates & How-to

Post by Bobl36 » Tue May 10, 2016 3:26 pm

Hi Harry,

As another of those pesky Android users I have found that a few (certainly not all) instructional elements were created a few years ago. Can there be a way to date the article. Specifically, a helpful piece on Autocross set up was dated 2012, and there have been changes since that caused a bit of confusion until I realized it was for a previous version of HLT.

Also, there are many article produced specifically for IOS, such as the legacy section for OBD2 overview and set up, Video Transfer and Trainer. Some are obvious crossovers to Android, but if these have been updated I haven't been able to find the text.

I know you have been working hard to keep improving a good product, and I appreciate the helpful info that HLT can provide for me in terms of improving my driving style and vehicle line.

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Re: dated updates & How-to

Post by Harry » Tue May 10, 2016 11:10 pm


Priority is to have the app document itself. The app has received heavy investments in help texts the last two years. It is impossible for me to provide an up to date full documentation on top of the app. Completely impossible. It seems to be pretty unusual for apps by the way. The document I (try) to update regularly are the Video Documentation and the Train the Trainer document ( They focus on the really complex stuff.

For the forum - it is a forum. It is no documentation and information is up to date, half up to date, or outdated. In case I see a thread being outdated, I move it to one of the outdated sub forums. But this is by accident - I cannot scan through everything all the time. So when reading the forum, always check the date and look for evidence in the description the article is still up to date. In case you are curious, raise a question - I read them all. :-)

In case someone wants to volunteer here on the forum as a moderator - that's certainly highly appreciated. Please drop me a PM.

- Harry
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