SJ4000 Support

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Laurin Johlen
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SJ4000 Support

Post by Laurin Johlen »

Some of you may already have heard of the SJ4000. For those who don't, it's a quite cheap alternative to the GoPro.
With only ~90€ for the WiFi version, including various accessories and an additional battery pack it comes in handy for those of us who don't want to pay upwards of 400€ for a cam + accessories.

For further information: ... eview.html

Basically: The (build and video) quality is very good, not as great as the GoPro, but the cost effectiveness is unbeatable.

So, coming back to HLT... The SJ4000 (at least the WiFi edition) is able to connect to your iPhone or Android phone via WiFi.
There is almost no lag at all, it really works fine.
At the moment, HLT doesn't have the ability to connect to the SJ4000, which is unfortunate, because I would really love to capture my laps with it and I'm already thinking of buying a second camera.

The more "Thumbs Up"/"Thanks" this post gets, the more likelier it gets that Harry implements the SJ4000 compatibility.

Best regards
Laurin :)
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Re: SJ4000 Support

Post by Navarroone »

Hi Harry,

Have you incorporated support for the SJ4000 or similar but lower cost options to GoPro's?

Brgds Allan
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