Automatically sync external video using gps

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Automatically sync external video using gps

Post by jt2002 »

Hi Harry.

I love your app and must thank you for the care you put in to creating and updating the Laptimer.

I am about to purchase an action cam for other activities that embeds gps data into its files.

Given the challenges with automatic control of GoPro’s latest models, it would be wonderful to see a feature where you could import a GoPro 9/10 video and Laptimer automatically sync’s the video to the app’s GPS data.

Currently I use my iPhone 12 Pro for primary video, plus a Garmin Glo and BT1.

Thanks again.
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Re: Automatically sync external video using gps

Post by Harry »

Thanks for the feedback.

The problem is that this would require adding more cam specific code. GoPro's interface is quite complex and I do not support the GPS stream because of this. I will recheck once I decide to add support for their open API.

- Harry
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